Treasure Hunt

Bury your own treasure!

Have you ever dreamed of uncovering buried treasure?  You can create a treasure hunt for your friends or share this activity with your parents and teacher.  


First you should decide what the treasure is: Pennies, old costume jewelry, wrapped candy, or small toys.


What you need:


A cool box to hold your treasure

Small plastic bag with twist tie


Paper for writing clues




Place your treasure in the box. Put the box in a plastic bag to protect it from wet weather, curious bugs, and hungry animals. Now hide your treasure somewhere that is not easy to spot—perhaps in a tree, or dig a hole in the ground. Don’t forget this location!


Identify six or more locations where you can hide clues.  You can hide clues almost anywhere, such as under the dog’s water bowl or a potted plant, or tape a clue under a table. Think up creative clues for each location. Some people like to use riddles to make the treasure hunt more challenging. Clue #1 will begin the hunt and should lead to the location where you have hidden clue #2. Clue #2 will explain where to find clue #3, and so on until your last clue. The last clue should lead to the hidden treasure! 

Photograph by Yingko, Dreamstime