Interview With Reza

Read about Reza, National Geographic Explorer, Photographer, and Humanitarian

Reza, one of the best-known photojournalists in the world, has captured the beauty and turmoil of the Middle and Far East for National GeographicNewsweek,  and Time.

Photography assignments:

"I have to get out before sunrise. It gives you a very nice feeling and understanding of the people and of the place, if you are up very early. And you see little by little how everything is waking up—everything is blooming, people are coming to work, so you feel a little bit that you know them. You have seen them growing. It is a very strange feeling, but you get immediately a grasp on the culture, civilization even if it’s very different than yours. It’s very important," he says.

When he was a child:

"I wanted to change the whole world—to make everything beautiful, to have every child laughing, and no poor in the country. I had a Utopian idea—it came to me even when I was a small kid—a place where everyone had something to eat, to be dressed correctly, to have shelter, and no need for money to buy things, but just get the things you need," he told NG Kids.

JOB: Photographer and humanitarian


FAVORITE PASTIME AS A KID: Trying to change the world and make everything beautiful and everyone happy.

HEROES: People I meet everyday. One of my heroes was a little girl in Sarajevo who was selling dolls during the war. She set up a table and was selling her dolls to help her family.

TYPICAL DAY: It always starts before sunrise. Whatever happens if I am photographing nature, or cities, I have to get out before sunrise, to see everything wake up.

FOR FUN: I joke a lot.

BEST ADVICE: Do something that you really believe in.



HOW CAN KIDS HELP: What I am doing now is the most important thing I have to do in my life. Do the important things.