Interview With Enric Sala

Dr. Enric Sala is a marine ecologist who studies everything from microbes to sharks. Find out what he daydreams about, what he was like as a kid, and how you can save the coral reefs!


When he was a child:


"When I was a kid I spent my summer on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and had a chance to spend a lot of time swimming in the shallows and looking at marine life through my mask. Also, watching Jacques Cousteau's movies truly inspired me to become an underwater explorer. My dream was to dive with my heroes in the Seven Seas and discover new wonders."


Favorite sea creature: 


"The sharks, because they are the top predators, the tigers of the sea, and they make sure that the reefs are clean and healthy."


JOB: Marine ecologist and National Geographic Fellow

WHAT HE DOES: Studies everything in the ocean from microbes to sharks.

GREW UP IN: Girona, Spain

FAVORITE PASTIME AS A KID: Exploring the forest, meadow, and the coves on the Spanish Mediterranean coast, swimming in the shallows and looking through a mask at marine life.

HERO: Jacques Cousteau (an underwater explorer)

TYPICAL DAY: Diving and collecting data about underwater animals and environment

FOR FUN: Diving

FAVORITE PLACE TO EXPLORE: Kingman Reef in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

BEST ADVICE: Follow your heart.

TRAVEL GEAR: Fins, mask, snorkel, and swimming suit

HOW KIDS CAN HELP SAVE CORAL REEFS: Preserve the environment in general and save energy and recycle. Make sure the seafood you eat is sustainable.