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Show kids in 2050 what life is like today by creating a virtual time capsule. Gather up to 10 “artifacts,” take a photograph, and share it with other Almanac readers around the world on the Nat Geo Kids My Shot photo community.  Tag your photos #timecapsule. Your pics will featured on My Shot and highlights from the challenge will be published in next year’s Nat Geo Kids Almanac! Please include your home state or country in the description of your time capsule photo. 


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He inspired this year’s Almanac Newsmaker Challenge.


The Results of Last Year's Challenge

In the first Almanac Newsmaker Challenge ever, we asked kids to Step Up to the Plate to Fight Food Waste. National Geographic Explorer Tristram Stuart inspired kids with the facts — Enough food is wasted to feed all the 1 billion malnourished people on the planet three times over — and offered ideas on how we can all make a difference. Hundreds of kids around the world took the pledge to waste less food and inspire others to do the same.

This chart shows who stepped up!