8 Reasons to Be Thankful You're You

On Thanksgiving be appreciative of the fact that you are you! Just think, you could be a baboon and spend your free time picking bugs off your sister.

Consider these reasons to be thankful that you are you, and not one of these creatures!


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Photograph by Vladimir Seliverstov, Dreamstime

Be thankful you're not an emperor penguin chick: Until it can find its own food, an emperor penguin chick is fed about 185 pounds of regurgitated seafood—about 92 pounds from each parent.


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Photograph by Zhiwei Zhou, Dreamstime

Be thankful you're not a bubble-eye goldfish: The fluid-filled sacs around its eyes are so big and heavy that this fish can barely lift its head. Or be happy you are not a mola, which can be as large as a small truck. Learn about the immense mola fish.


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Photograph by Sergey Uryadnikov, Dreamstime

Be thankful you're not a hippo: A hippo's sweat is red, which could be very embarrassing.


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Illustration by Franco Tempesta

Be thankful you're not a dinosaur: You'd be extinct!


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Photograph by Beverly Joubert

Be thankful you're not a dung beetle: Dung beetles roll dung balls, make tunnels under dung balls, or live in dung. And each of these beetles eats the tiny nutritious bits left behind in the dung!


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Photograph by Pichet Panyaud, Dreamstime

Be thankful you're not a cicada: Both male and female cicadas have a short adult life. They die after about two-to-six weeks above ground.


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Photograph by Arto Hakola/Shutterstock

Be thankful you're not a jackrabbit: An eagle can spot these hares from more than a mile (1.6 kilometers) away.


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Photograph by Misscanon, Dreamstime

Be thankful you are you and not a monarch butterfly: Every year, the North American monarch may fly all the way from Canada to Mexico, more than 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) away!