Awesome 8 Wacky Houses
Awesome 8 Wacky Houses

Treehouse? Toilet?  Skyscraper? Underground? With these wacky structures, you have your pick of places to live or stay on vacation.

Plane House (Costa Rica)

​This is one of the coolest ways we can think of to give new life to an old airplane. 

Round Residence (Brazil)

Sculpted from cement and iron, the 32-foot-tall house known as the Sphere has three stories and a rope swing attached to the outside.

Tower House (India)

The 27-story skyscraper—built as a private home for a family of five—boasts a spa, ballroom, movie theater, and yoga studio.

Underground Dwelling (Switzerland)

Designed to save energy, the seven-room eco-friendly home is covered with grass and earth.

Hobbit Home (Wales)

The grass-covered dwelling was made from scrap wood, twisty tree limbs, and plaster. Inside, floor-to-ceiling tree trunks hold up the roof. 

Nautilus House (Mexico)

A seashell was the inspiration for this house.

Bubble House (France)

Feel like you're living in a bubble? With this house, you're living in lots of them! Bonus: a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. 

Toilet House (South Korea)

The bathroom of this toilet-shaped house may have glass walls, but don’t worry. If you want privacy, just push a button, and the walls cloud up. The builder of this home must be flushed with pride.

Photo credits: Plane house, Ralf-Finn Hestoft, CORBIS; hobbit house: Simon Dale, ZUMAPRESS/Newscom; tower: REUTERS, Danish Siddiqui; round residence: Eduardo Longo; underground dwelling: Peter Vetsch, AG; bubble house: PHOTOPQR, NICE MATIN/Newscom; nautilus house: Jaime Jacott, REX USA; toilet house: AP, Ahn Young-joon

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