Awesome 8 Fancy Food
Awesome 8 Fancy Food

Feast your eyes on some of the most luxurious eats the world has to offer. Dripping with diamonds, globbed with gold, and sprinkled with rare spices, these treats will make you feel like a million bucks (and may cost you just as much!).


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Billion-Dollar Popcorn

Berco’s Popcorn, United States

Price: $250 for a one-gallon tin

Sure, this caramel corn is covered in gold flakes—but what really makes it special is the salt. It comes from the Danish island Læsø, which according to Norse mythology is the feasting place of the gods.


Westin Hotel, United States

Price: $1,000

Forget plain cream cheese—start off your day with this bagel sprinkled with gold flakes and slathered in white truffle cream cheese. A truffle is a very rare, expensive, and delicious fungus.

Dragon Dog

DougieDog, Vancouver, Canada

Price: $100

The hot dog pictured above is loaded with toppings, but it's nothing compared to the Dragon Dog. Not your average frank, this foot-long dog is loaded up with fresh lobster, a secret hot sauce, and beef cooked in olive and truffle oil. 

Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence

The Fortress Resort & Spa, Sri Lanka

Price: $14,500

This dessert honors Sri Lankan traditional fishing with a hand-carved chocolate figurine of a fisherman that decorates the cake. The real prize, though, is the aquamarine stone accompanying the treat.



The Lost Gardens of Heligan, England

Price: $15,000

The world’s most expensive pineapples are grown using a technique from the 1800s—the plants are kept warm under fresh horse manure. But the high price tag is just an estimate of what the oddly cultivated fruit would bring at auction; they’re grown to keep the historic pineapple pits in use, and growers give them away to staff.

Black Diamond  

Scoopi Café, United Arab Emirates

Price: $817 a scoop

The pictured ice cream is covered in some tasty treats, but the Black Diamond dessert is on another level. Rare Iranian saffron (a spice), black truffles, and gold flakes make the toppings the best part of this bowl of vanilla ice cream.

Golden Sushi

Angelito Araneta, Philippines

Price: $1,978

Why wrap sushi in seaweed when you can use gold leaf? Each roll, full of rice and fish, is topped with a diamond and three pearls.

Bottled Water

Plan3t, Mexico City, Mexico

Price: $60,000

Ordinary bottled water, pictured above, is pretty wasteful. But the buyer of this world-record setter shouldn’t feel bad about drinking the water in this gold-covered glass bottle—proceeds from the sale went toward a foundation to fight global warming. Replicas go for a relative bargain: $3,600.





Text by Allyson Shaw, NGS Staff

Photo credits: Denys Prokofyev, Dreamstime (bottled water); The Fortress Resort & Spa (fortress dessert); The Lost Gardens of Heligan (pineapple); Berco's Popcorn LLC (popcorn); Jacob Silberberg, Thomson Reuters (bagel); Romeo Ranoco, Thomson Reuters (sushi); Ruslan Olinchuk, Dreamstime (ice cream); Vladislav Nosik, Dreamstime (hot dog)

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