Awesome 8 Cool Pools
Awesome 8 Cool Pools

Splash around in these eight cool pools from places like Africa, Asia, and Europe.

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Jigokudani Monkey Park

Yamanouchi, Japan

Macaques bathe in this hot spring during winter, when air temperatures can dip to 14°F.


Berlin, Germany

This public swimming pool lets people swim on the River Spree—instead of in it. 

Joule Hotel Hanging Pool

Dallas, Texas, United States

This tenth-floor glass-fronted pool hangs off the edge of the Joule Hotel.

San Alfonso del Mar Swimming Pool

Algarrobo, Chile

Small boats sail in this half-mile-long saltwater pool—that’s longer than 20 Olympic-size swimming pools! 

Pamukkale Hot Springs

Pamukkale, Turkey

Known as Turkey’s “Cotton Castle,” the terraced pools of Pamukkale are formed as spring water splashes over the edge of the cliff, leaving limestone deposits behind. 

Gold Energy Pool

Lhasa, Tibet 

At one resort, you can really swim in a pool of gold—it's lined with 24-karat gold-plated tiles.  

Roman Baths

Bath, England

Built upon natural springs, these baths were constructed by the Romans in A.D. 75—and gave the city its name. 

Devil’s Pool

Livingstone Island, Zambia

A small natural pool sits over 300 feet up, atop Victoria Falls. But the pool is dangerously close to the edge—and only for those brave enough to jump in. 







Text by Allyson Shaw, NGS Staff

Photo credits: Sean Pavone, Dreamstime (monkey); ullstein bild, Getty Images (Badeschiff); Joe Schildhorn, BFAnyc, Sipa USA, Newscom (Joule); Crystal Lagoons, Splash News, Newscom (San Alfonso); alikorkmaz, iStock Photo (Pamukkale); St. Regis Hotels & Resort (Golden Energy);  Anthony Brown, Dreamstime (Roman baths); CHINE NOUVELLE, SIPA, Newscom (Devil’s Pool)

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