Awesome 8 Baby Animals
Awesome 8 Wacky Landmarks

From swans to owls to jellyfish, check out these eight weird baby animals from places such as South America, Africa, and even the ocean!

Photo credits: Alpaca: Colin Monteath, Minden Pictures; mute swans: Flip de Nooyer, Minden Pictures; jellyfish: Tim Laman, National Geographic Creative; agouti: Christian Ziegler, Minden Pictures; burrowing owls: Jonathan Pfenghanssl, National Geographic Your Shot; strawberry poison dart frog: Michael and Patricia Fogden, Minden Pictures; wild boars: Jan Vermeer, Minden Pictures; Cape baboon: Theo Allofs, Minden Pictures

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Poison Dart Frog

They're beautiful, but toxic!


They're not actually fish!

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