Animal Jam
Animal Jam


Travel to the land of Jamaa to play games, meet new friends, and explore distant lands, all while learning cool stuff about animals, plants, habitats, and more!

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Check out the moose pet!

Animal Jam moose pet



Moose are the biggest deer on Earth, and they're the newest pet in the virtual world of Animal Jam! Watch three baby moose grow up in this amazing video, then get the moose pet!


Check out facts and pics.

Denali National Park and Preserve

Find out why this national park is a great place to chill!

Which Arctic animal do you like best?

Play as a lynx!

Feeling catty? Play as the lynx in the virtual world of Animal Jam! This cover-worthy cat loves cold places. Learn about the bobcat (one species of lynx), meet other wild cats, then go play!

Animal Jam lynx

Wild Cat


Bobcat Bonanza

These felines are fiercely cool.

Moment Of

Aww! Bobcat Babies - Ep. 5

Watch what happens when tiny bobcat kittens explore their den. You’ll love the adventures of these supercute, blue-eyed fur balls in this episode of Moment of…



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Get the red panda!

Animal Jam flamingo

Red pandas doze in the trees during the day. When they're not catching Z's, they use their bushy tails to balance as they move along the branches. Watch a baby red panda grow up, meet other Asian animals, and then play as a red panda in the virtual world of Animal Jam!


Check out the photos!


Get facts, videos, and photos.

Wild Beats

Southeast Asian Forest feat. DJ Ecotone - Ep. 2

Things get loud in the Borneo forest when the animals start talking! Check out this video by DJ Ecotone that features orangutans, gibbons, cicadas, and the golden-cheeked barbet.


Wacky Wild Animals

Farley the Red Panda - Ep. 9

Farley, a young red panda, has been through a lot in his short life. Watch him grow and thrive under the care of his keepers.


Be a koala!

Be a koala in Jamaa! These sleepy mammals are marsupials that live in Australia. Learn more about them then join the game as a koala!

Animal Jam koala


Newborns are the size of a jelly bean!

Moment of Snooze

Sleepy? Perk up with these pics!


Check out the photos!

Panda party!

Animal Jam panda

You can now play as a giant panda and get a panda pet in the virtual world of Animal Jam! Before playing, watch a video of Bei Bei the cub, and meet the scientists who dress as pandas to help protect them. It's a panda-palooza!


Watch a giant panda grow up!

He was once as small as a stick of butter. Now Bei Bei's getting bigger.

Wacky Wild Animals

Bei Bei the National Zoo Panda Cub - Ep. 24


Giant Panda

They spend most of their time eating.

Which is the cutest cuddly creature?



Be a coyote!

Animal Jam coyote


Walk through Jamaa as a coyote! Close relatives of the gray wolf, these mammals live throughout North America. Learn the difference between eastern and western coyotes, watch an adorable video about coyote pups, then play as a coyote in Animal Jam!

Which is your favorite canid, or, animal in the dog family?

Cute Animals

Coyote Pups - Ep. 4

Check out cute coyote pups in action!



Get facts and photos!

Coyotes on the Move

New Research Reveals a Secret to Coyote Success

Get the shark pet!

Animal Jam shark pet

Sharks are spectacular! These fish are crucial to the health of the oceans. Figure out which shark you are, test your shark knowledge, meet the weird hammerhead shark and the even weirder goblin shark, then get the shark pet in Jamaa!

Hammerhead Shark


Great White Shark


Watch videos!

See cool sharks.

Who is your favorite Alpha in Animal Jam?

Click below to watch Pet Peeved!

Take the personality quiz!

In the virtual world of Animal Jam you can play as an animal—but which one is right for you? Answer each question, then add up your points to discover which animal lives in you. Don't worry if it doesn't match your personality—it's just for fun!

Which Animal Jam Animal Are You?

Take this personality quiz to find out!

Meet the real-life Alphas!

Giant Panda

They spend most of their time eating.


These wild dogs like to play!


These cats like water!


Guess how it got its name!

Bottlenose Dolphin

They communicate with clicks.


Newborns are the size of a jelly bean!

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