This Dad Rocks!
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Gloucestershire, England


For Andy the flamingo, fatherhood is off to a rocky start: He tried to hatch a stone! Male and female flamingos take turns warming their eggs. But a birdkeeper at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust discovered Andy trying to hatch an egg-shaped rock. Why would Andy sit on a stone? One possibility is that the real egg got knocked into the water. Then one of the stones buried in Andy’s mud nest may have come loose, and the bird mistook it for the egg.

BEST DAD EVER  “When he saw the egg-shaped stone in his nest, he probably did what any other expectant daddy flamingo would do: He sat on it!” says bird expert Nigel Jarrett. Andy stayed with his adopted rock for two days. His egg may have been fake, but Andy’s dedication was the real thing!


Text by Deborah Underwood
Photograph by Sergey Uryadnikov, Dreamstime

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