Amazing Animals

Olney, Illinois


Some towns honor their founders. This town honors albino squirrels! Olney is one of only three major albino squirrel colonies in the United States. Affected by a genetic defect, these pink-eyed critters have no color in their coats. And the rare furballs have the town by the tail. “Amy is really feisty,” says Olney’s unofficial squirrel nurse, Belinda Henton. “And Bubba likes to climb into people’s pockets.”

NUTS ABOUT SQUIRRELS  Police wear a squirrel image on their badges and hand out fines to anyone bothering the squirrels. Cats must stay on leashes, and there are even squirrel crossing signs near the roads. This is one place where it’s a compliment to be called “squirrelly”!


Text by Lynn Brunelle
Photograph by Elizabeth Hoffmann, Dreamstime

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Amazing Animals

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