Squirrel Sleuth
Amazing Animals

Twerton, Bath, England


Could a squirrel nicknamed “Sammy” be the smallest police detective in England? When the Avon and Somerset Police collared a robbery suspect, they had one problem: They couldn’t find the loot. What they did find at the crime scene was a common gray squirrel making a lot of noise. 

FOLLOW THE SQUIRREL  Officers watched the animal move toward a tree about 100 yards away, stop, come back, then move closer to the tree. Curious, the officers followed—and found a stash of electronic equipment at the base of the tree. Don’t think squirrels will replace police dogs, though. Jokes one officer: “Squirrels are totally incapable of stopping a fleeing person.”           


Text by Ken Gordon
Photograph by Taophoto, Dreamstime

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