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Amazing Animals

Taos, New Mexico


Can you picture Tom and Jerry doing this? Mousey the mouse piggybacks on Kittie the cat, who piggybacks on Booger the dog—and the four-legged friends love it! So does everyone else, which is just what owner Greg Pike wants. “I’m trying to show people that we can all get along, no matter who—or what—we are,” he says. 

HOP ON!  How does he do it? Pike says that Mousey likes to hitch a ride on Kittie because the cat’s harness, once stored in a mouse cage, smells like mice. And Kittie practically grew up on Booger’s back trying to keep her feet dry while living in snowy Colorado. “These animals are natural friends,” Pike says. “We should try to learn from them.” Looks like these three hairballs could be friends “fur-ever”! 


Text by Robin Terry
Photograph by Jay Talbott, NGS Staff

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