Quacky Friendship
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Orinda, California


Nobody expected Simon the duck to lay an egg. Simon was supposed to be a “he,” not a “she.” But her owner, Jenny Maguire, got an even bigger surprise: Sitting atop Simon’s egg trying to “hatch” it was Simon’s best buddy, Snickers the rabbit! Simon and Snickers first met as classroom pets. Snickers spends his days herding his duck friend between Maguire’s front yard and the back. If Snickers jumps out of sight, the duck quacks at the top of her lungs. “When Snickers hears her, he comes hopping!” Maguire says.

FEATHERS AND FUR  At night the pair snuggle in a hay-filled bed. Once, Simon had to go to the veterinarian’s office for an overnight stay. But she missed her rabbit friend so much that she wouldn’t stop quacking. She only stopped when Maguire finally brought Snickers to the clinic to spend the night. Simon must know that “somebunny” loves her!


Text by Pamela S. Turner
Photographs by Vasyl Helevachuk, Dreamstime, and Djem82, Dreamstime

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