Puppy Hog
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Rantoul, Kansas

Wiggles the pig may actually think of herself as top dog! Born a runt, Wiggles was too small to stay with her birth mom and about a dozen siblings. So she slept in a playpen with a litter of puppies that had just been born to Clementine the terrier mix. Soon the pig became one of the family—the dog family, that is.  

HAIRY BFFS  “Wiggles wrestled and played with the other puppies, and they’d all sleep in a pile at night,” says Nellie Davis, who owns Clementine. Wiggles even nursed alongside her adopted puppy siblings, drinking milk from Clementine. Two years later, Wiggles still recognizes her doggie mom. But Clementine keeps her distance: Wiggles now weighs more than 300 pounds!


Text by by Adrienne Mason
Photographs by Isselee and Adogslifephoto, Dreamstime

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