Penguin Picasso
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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


When Patrick the African penguin is shakin' his tail, he's not dancing. He's painting! The penguin is the resident artist at the National Aviary. Like all great artists, Patrick has his own style. First he waddles through a tray filled with penguin-safe paint. Then he tracks his paint-covered feet across a canvas on the floor.

SPLISH SPLASH  Sometimes he shakes his tail feathers for an extra burst of color. His inspiration: the fish reward he gets once he crosses the canvas. Patrick seems to like his "job," though the artist can be fussy. "He's not in the mood to paint when he's in the bath," says trainer Erin Estell. 


Text by Sean McCollum
Photographs by Sergey Uryadnikov, Dreamstime; Winterling, Dreamstime

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