An eclectus parrot squawks its way home in Wiltshire, England.

Good thing Basil the eclectus parrot never gets tongue-tied around strangers. When animal control officer Debbie Sheppard rescued the lost bird last year, she wasn’t sure how to locate the owners. Then the parrot started talking. First it was just “tickle, tickle,” “kiss, kiss,” and “good boy!” Soon the bird started naming names: “Basil!” it squawked.


Quick-thinking Sheppard phoned police and discovered that, sure enough, a parrot named Basil had been reported missing. The bird was soon returned to its owners. Said Sheppard: “Once he started talking, he wouldn’t stop.”

Chatty Creature This animal is well-known for its chatty behavior, but who knew that it’s also pretty smart? Watch the puzzle unfold—but guess what it is before the last piece is revealed.