Mountain Lion Tracks
Amazing Animals

Butte, Montana

The railroad inspector’s heart stopped when he saw the three wet mountain lion cubs frozen to the icy-cold tracks. A train was on its way! After crossing a creek with their mother, the clumsy cubs—their paws and bellies dripping wet—had stuck fast when their wet bodies froze onto the steel rails.

STICKY SITUATION  Thinking quickly, the inspector alerted oncoming trains to stop. Then he poured lukewarm coffee over the shivering cubs, trying to melt the ice that had formed on their paws. It didn’t work. So state game warden Marty Vook tried a portable pump that squirted jets of warm water. Freedom! “They scurried off into the bushes to their mama,” Vook says. These cubs were very cool cats.


Text by Maryalice Yakutchik
Photograph by Rinus Baak, Dreamstime

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