Llama Drama
Amazing Animals

Kettering, England, United Kingdom


Milo the llama is supposed to protect sheep from foxes and dogs. But he must think he’s supposed to protect the sheepherder, too! When owner Graham Bailey broke his hip in a field, paramedics arrived in a helicopter to take him to the hospital. But Milo and his pack of guard llamas had other ideas. Necks out and ears back, Milo, Horatio, Felix, and Ber­tie formed a protective cir­cle around Bailey and charged any paramedic who got close.

MILO TO THE RESCUE  “They thought these people were coming to harm me,” Bailey says. “They weren’t going to let that happen.” Finally the helicopter noise distracted the animals enough for the paramedics to burst through the circle and strap Bailey onto a stretcher. But that didn’t stop the llamas from chasing the paramedics all the way to the helicopter!       


Text by Maryalice Yakutchik
Photograph by Nyker1, Dreamstime

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