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Cheshire, England


Jacob the lamb is a bit confused—he thinks he’s a sheepdog! When the fleecy baby was abandoned by his mother, Kip the sheepdog became the lamb’s unofficial mom at Tatton Park’s Home Farm. Soon Jacob started herding other animals—just like a sheepdog! Jacob would run side by side with Kip as the dog did her work. If Kip rounded up sheep and ducks, so would Jacob. If Kip barked to keep the animals in line, Jacob would bleat.

LAMB TO RAM  “He was Kip’s shadow,” says farm worker Jayne Chapman. “He did everything she did.” Although he has moved to a pasture with other sheep, Jacob still isn’t very sheepish. To Kip’s dismay, Jacob still thinks he’s a dog— and refuses to be herded.


Text by Pamela S. Turner
Photographs by Holly Kuchera, Dreamstime; Erik Lam, Dreamstime

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