Kangaroo Surprise
Amazing Animals

Dodgeville, Wisconsin


You expect to see a cow in Wisconsin farm country, not a kangaroo. No wonder Sheriff Steve Michek thought the first call reporting the stray Australian animal was a prank. But sure enough, hopping around a woman's snowy yard was a five-foot-tall kangaroo! So how do you catch a kangaroo? Michek lined up gates and cars to create a wide path leading into a horse barn. "We used apple slices to help him along," he says. Soon the marsupial bounded into the shelter, where he stayed until zoo officials arrived.



How the animal, now called Roo, got to Wisconsin remains a mystery. "He may have escaped in transit from somewhere," says Jim Hubing of the Henry Vilas Zoo, which adopted the animal. These days Roo is living a life of luxury as the zoo's newest star. Sure beats hopping around in the snow!


Text by Gerri Miller
Photograph by Pipa100, Dreamstime

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