Cat Burglar

A cat named Moo steals loot from the neighbors' yards in Ontario, Canada.

A rash of robberies continues to plague the small town of Guelph, Ontario, in Canada. The bandit specializes in shoes, gloves, and work boots. Why hasn’t the culprit been apprehended? Well, because he’s not a hardened criminal. The thief is a 15-pound cat called Moo.


The loot varies. It may be part of a Styrofoam pool float, rolled-up socks, or half a sack of potatoes. "He cleared out a neighbor’s yard in just one night," recalls Amber Queen, Moo’s owner. "He took every shoe that had been left by the pool." Queen does what she can to return the items. She puts up posters with her phone number. She gets the local newspaper to run lists.


Moo weathers any condition to get the goods. “He loves the rain,” laughs Queen. “When it rains he brings home soggy newspapers.” On the job, Moo’s the silent type. He doesn’t make a sound until he gets to the hard part. That’s trying to drag his biggest prizes through the cat flap in the window. Then he starts meowing. “When I hear him late at night,” Queen says, "I just sigh and say, ‘Oh, Moo! What do I have to return now?’”

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