Caring Crow
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North Attleboro, Massachusetts


A tiny kitten lay lost and abandoned behind Ann Collito's mobile home. "I was about to bring her inside," says Collito. Before she could, a wild crow swooped down out of the sky. Collito gasped, but the big bird didn't hurt the helpless kitten. Instead, it began stuffing worms and fireflies down the baby cat's throat!

C-AWW!  The crow, which Collito named Moses, fed and played with the kitten, which Collito named Cassie. Cassie playfully batted Moses with her paw, and Moses yanked on Cassie's tail. "You could just see the devotion," says Collito. Five years later, Cassie still lives at Collito's house. Moses and his mate share a nest in a tree nearby.


Text by Aline Alexander Newman
Photographs by Elena Duvernay, Dreamstime, and Anna Yakimova, Dreamstime

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