National Geographic Bee

Photograph by Mark Thiessen, National Geographic

From left to right: The winners of the GeoChallenge, the "Navigators" team fifth graders Alex Jun, Natanel Rozic, Jeremiah Pierre, and Victor Jimenez, and GeoBee Champion Nihar Janga, an eighth grader.

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More than one-third of Norway’s northernmost county is located on what plateau? Nihar Janga, from Texas, answered the Finnmark Peninsula, while Atreya Mallana, from Massachusetts, answered Hardangervidda.


The answer? The Finnmark Peninsula. With that response, Janga became the champion of the 31st annual National Geographic GeoBee, a competition that tests students' knowledge of geography, natural resources, climate change impacts, and more.


But this year the competition got even hotter: For the first time, in addition to the GeoBee, National Geographic also hosted the GeoChallenge. In this competition, 16 teams of students presented their solutions to the global plastic pollution problem.


The "Navigators," a team from Flushing, New York, took home the top prize for their design for a filtration device that would fit on the front of a boat and filter microplastics out of the Hudson River. The students, Victor Jimenez, Alex Jun, Jeremiah Pierre, and Natanel Rozic, won $25,000 in prize money to make their invention a reality.


Text adapted from National Geographic News article written by Alejandra Borunda


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