5 Reasons Why You Should Try Breakfast Around the World
5 Reasons Why You Should Try Breakfast Around the World



Rise and dine! Check out breakfast meals from five countries that are so good you’ll stop hitting the snooze button.

1. Argentina


Photograph by Gabrieldome, Dreamstime

For a supersweet wake-up call, head to Argentina. Here you can feast on medialunas. These croissants are often loaded with dulce de leche, a pudding-like, caramel-tasting filling made with condensed milk. Pair this with a mug of submarino—steamed milk with a chocolate chunk dropped inside. 


2. Jamaica


Photograph by Lyndale Woolcock, Dreamstime


Forget chicken for dinner. In Jamaica it’s common to eat chicken stew in the morning. Sautéed akee—a type of fruit—and saltfish is another popular morning meal on the island. And don’t forget to try fluffy fried dumplings called johnnycakes, often served at breakfast.


3. Malaysia


 Photograph by Wong Yu Liang, Dreamstime


Malaysians spice up their mornings with nasi lemak. This breakfast favorite (also eaten for lunch and dinner) contains rice cooked in coconut milk and topped with chili-pepper sauce. Cucumbers, anchovies, eggs, and peanuts come on the side.



4. Sweden


Photograph by Ukrphoto, Dreamstime


Sandwiches are a go-to breakfast food here. Called a smörgås, the traditional Swedish sandwich consists of only one slice of bread covered with things such as butter, cheese, meat, or—if you want to get really fancy—caviar. These are fish eggs, which can be pricey.



5. Nigeria


Photograph by Ildipapp, Dreamstime


The breakfast menu in Nigeria may include porridge, as well as fried pulp from the root of the cassava plant and hot-and-spicy soup that’s flavored with red peppers.




Text by April Capochino Myers


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