5 Reasons Why Water Rules
5 Reasons Why Water Rules



Water quenches your thirst, is fun to play in, and generally keeps us alive. (Yeah, it's kind of important.) Check out other reasons why you should love this liquid. 

1. Water has secret identities.


Photograph by Tmedia, Dreamstime


Lots of things that look solid are made up mostly of water. Tomatoes are 90 percent water. Apples, pineapples, and ears of corn are each 80 percent water. And an adult human body is composed of about 60 percent water. 


2. Water is a power player.


Photograph by Rudi1976, Dreamstime


Steam from molten magma below Earth’s surface can escape cracks in the planet’s crust. The steam can be used to create electricity. This eco-friendly energy is known as geothermal power. In fact, 30 percent of electricity in Iceland is generated by geothermal power.



3. Cold water makes you chill.


 Photograph by Denis Raev, Dreamstime


Literally! Drinking cold water can stimulate your vagus nerve. (Nerves are bands of fibers that carry messages from your brain.) The vagus nerve connects to many organs, including your heart. And when the nerve is activated, it tells a racing heart to slow down.



4. H20 was once a UFO.


Photograph by Rastan, Dreamstime


How did water get on Earth? Many scientists think that it arrived on asteroids or comets billions of years ago. Asteroids and comets contain ice, so ones that smashed into our planet could have deposited frozen water molecules that eventually liquefied. 



5. Water is weird.


Photograph by Photopal604, Dreamstime


Hot water freezes faster than cold water. Hot and cold water also make different sounds when poured. And water doesn't always turn to ice, even after its temperature has dropped below freezing. 




Text by April Capochino Myers

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