5 Reasons Why Summer is Cool
5 Reasons Why Summer is Cool



Hooray for summer! Find out why this sunny season deserves a warm welcome.

1. Daylight Delight


St. Petersburg, Russia

Photograph by Pavelvasenkov, Dreamstime

In the summer season, areas located in the extreme north or south receive a lot of quality time with the sun. In places such as Fairbanks, Alaska, and St. Petersburg, Russia, (above) the sun doesn’t set until midnight throughout June. During summers in Antarctica, the sun doesn’t set at all!



2. Hot Spots


Salar de Uyuni

Photograph by Jduggan, Dreamstime


The weather this season creates interesting scenery in some places. For instance, summer winds over Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, produce a cloud cover known as the “tablecloth.” And summer rain causes Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni salt flat (above) to look like a giant mirror.



3. Meteor Shower Power


 Photograph by Dennis Van De Water, Dreamstime


Two eye-catching meteor showers occur during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer. In July, 20 meteors an hour fly through the sky during the Delta Aquarid shower. And up to 60 meteors an hour soar overhead during August’s Perseid shower.



4. Chirp Alert


Photograph by Ahnhuynh, Dreamstime


You know it's summer when the crickets start chirping. Crickets actually change their tune depending on the temperature. The hotter it is, the faster they chirp. You can even calculate how hot it is by listening and counting a cricket’s chirps. To get the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit, just count the number of chirps in 15 seconds and add 37.



5. Growth Spurt


Photograph by Dan Breckwoldt, Dreamstime


Flowers aren’t the only things that pop up in summer. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, can “grow” over six inches taller during the season when heat makes its iron expand. Scientists even think your nails grow faster at this time, though they’re not completely sure why.




Text by April Capochino Myers

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