5 Reasons Why Bald Eagles Are The Best
5 Reasons Bald Eagles Are The Best



The bald eagle has been the national symbol of the United States since 1782. Find out why these majestic birds are so cool.

1. Bald eagles are state-ly.


Photograph by Atlaspix, Shutterstock


These birds are native to North America. While most live in Alaska and parts of Canada, you can find them in every state across the United States except Hawaii.


2. They make twig mansions.


Photograph by Brian Grant, Dreamstime


Bald eagles tend to build durable nests that they use for several years. Every year they add more twigs, leaves, and branches to their treetop pads—which means the nests can get ginormous. One in Ohio was over 8 feet wide, 12 feet tall, and weighed nearly 2 tons!



3. Bald eagles use their feet as utensils—and their throats as cupboards.


 Photograph by Ronald Adcock, Dreamstime


These birds catch prey such as hares with their razor-sharp talons. Because they don’t chew, they use their beaks and talons to slice the meal into easy-to-swallow chunks. Sometimes they store grub for later in a throat pouch that can hold a pound of meat.



4. The birds transform into rowboats.


Photograph by wakila, iStockphoto


A bald eagle sometimes floats on water while hunting for fish. After nabbing a fish, the bird may grasp the prey with its feet and use its wings as oars to row back to shore.   



5. A bald eagle has Superman-like vision.


Photograph by Atlaspix, Shutterstock


A bald eagle’s eyesight is far sharper than a human’s. Some scientists estimate that if you had the eyes of an eagle, you’d be able to see an ant crawling on the ground from the roof of a ten-story building.  




Text by April Capochino Myers


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