5 Reasons Why Tigers Are Terrific
5 Reasons Tigers Are Terrific



Tigers are unlike any other feline. Discover what makes them stand out from the rest of the cat crowd.

1. Tigers have a roaring good time.


Photograph by Rgbe, Dreamstime


When tigers roar, the sound can be heard nearly two miles away. Why are a tiger’s pipes so powerful? It turns out they can stretch their vocal cords in a special way that pumps up the volume of their vocalizations.



2. These cats are hyped for stripes.


Photograph by Katharina Eberhardt, Dreamstime


No two tigers have the same stripe pattern on their coats. So the animals’ fur is sort of like a human fingerprint. What’s more, a tiger’s skin is striped identical to its coat—fur real!  



3. The feline has a big-time appetite.


 Photograph by Zuzana Randlova, Dreamstime


Tigers can eat more than 80 pounds of meat in one meal—that’s like eating 70 T-bone steaks! Their favorite snacks are deer, water buffalo, and antelope.



4. They have a lot in common with your cat.


Photograph by Olga Bogatyrenko, Shutterstock


Tigers and domestic cats might not look that much alike, but they share some behaviors. As with domestic kitties, tigers groom a lot and sleep for much of the day. Some are also affected by catnip, just like pet cats.



5. Tigers are splashy.


Photograph by Akbar Solo, Dreamstime


Unlike most felines, many tigers enjoy swimming. They take dips in rivers to cool off when it’s hot. These wild-for-water cats have been known to paddle five miles through bodies of water!




Text by April Capochino Myers

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