5 Reasons Why Your Brain Is Mind-Blowing
5 Reasons Your Brain Is Mind-Blowing



Wrap your head around these awesome facts.

1. Human brains are electrifying.


Photograph by Bagiuiani Constantin, Dreamstime


To prompt your body to perform actions such as walking, brain cells called neurons produce chemical and electrical signal. The signals are also generated when your brain processes information about your surroundings. 



2. This organ is like a superhighway for information.


Photograph by Vitaliy Smolygin, Dreamstime


After electrical and chemical signals are produced in your brain, they’re passed from one neuron to the next like a game of hot potato. The signals zip between brain cells at incredible speeds, sometimes traveling across the brain at about 260 miles an hour.



3. The brain is jam-packed.


 Photograph by Science Picture Co., Corbis


Your brain is about the size of your fist and weighs on average three pounds. But the organ holds 400 miles of blood vessels, some 100 billion neurons, and around a trillion glial cells (a type of cell thought to protect and support neurons). 



4. Your thinker is thoughtful.


Photograph by Gpointstudio, Dreamstime


The brain is active 24/7. You’re thinking throughout the day, whether you’re awake or asleep. While the numbers can vary widely, some experts estimate that humans have around 70,000 thoughts a day. 



5. You can change your brain.


Photograph by Natalin*ka, Shutterstock


Certain activities such as studying a new language, exercising, and learning to juggle can increase gray matter. This is a tissue in the brain that is thought to help you process information. Many scientists believe that the more gray matter you have the faster your brain works. 




Text by Andrea Silen, NGS Staff

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