125 Cool Inventions

In this book you’ll get the scoop on supersmart machines and wacky gadgets you didn’t even know existed. Take the Seabreacher J dolphin-shaped submersible, for example, or the Foodini 3-D food printer.


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Now we want to know which nifty new thing you like best! Just answer the polls below. What’s more, you’ll get to test your cool-meter by seeing how your favorites stack up against other kids.

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Photograph courtesy AquaOne Technologies, Zuma Press

Which is the weirdest invention? 

Which is the coolest flying contraption? 

Which is the coolest speed machine?

Which is the coolest water vehicle? 

Which is the coolest cycle?

Which is the best invention for a good night’s sleep? 

Which is the coolest house?

Which is the coolest All-Terrain Vehicle? 

Which invention is the most FUN?