International Day of Happiness

Learn about the International Day of Happiness.

Check out photos from the event at the United Nations in New York City!

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NG Kids has teamed up with Pharrell Williams, who wrote and produced the song "Happy," to celebrate the United Nation's International Day of Happiness on March 20. "Happy people, happy planet" was the theme for this year's celebration. 

Go to My Shot and upload pictures of things that make you happy. Pharrell will choose his faves! Look for them in an upcoming issue of the NG Kids magazine. 

NG Kids Interviews Pharrell

Q: What makes you happy about the International Day of Happiness?

A: I love the idea of the whole world coming together on one day to celebrate the things that make them happy.

Q: This year's theme is "happy people, happy planet." Why is protecting the Earth important?

A: Earth is our home and each of us needs to do our part to protect our planet so that people, and all life on the planet, can be happy for years to come.

Q: What can kids do to make the Earth happy?

A: Kids, you can make sure you recycle plastics, ride a bike instead of getting a ride in a car, turn off the lights when you are not using them, and learn as much as you can about climate change by asking your teachers questions, doing research online, and coming up with your own creative ways to save our planet. 

Q: Anything else you'd like to tell National Geographic Kids?

A: Happiness is contagious! If you can find the happiness within yourself and share it with someone else, you will do your part in spreading happiness across the globe. 

Things You Can Do to Make the Planet a Happier Place

Give the Car a Break

Encourage your parents to take public transportation or even ride bikes when going for short trips. 

Flip the Switch

Get in the habit of turning off the lights when you leave a room. You'll save energy and you'll increase the life of your light bulbs. Bonus points for also turning off your computer when you're done using it for the day!

Turn off the Tap

No need to run the water when you're brushing your teeth. Just wet your toothbrush and fill a cup to use when you rinse.