Cat Science

Put your kitty to the test!


Use this experiement from the Nat Geo Kids book Cat Science Unleashed to find out if your kitty is a smarty-pants by seeing if it can solve a puzzle faster with practice.

The activities in this book are designed to be fun for both kids and their pets. Just like humans, pets enjoy new challenges! Please review these guidelines with your child to make sure any participating furry friend is safe, comfortable, and having fun. 

—Only do these activities with a pet that knows your child well and is comfortable around your child. 
—Watch for signs that the pet is unhappy. If any of these activities seem to make the pet uncomfortable or upset, stop immediately. 
—Even a pet that is enjoying an activity needs a break. Make sure the pet has access to water throughout these activities and if he wants to stop, let him.
—If your pet is on a special diet, check with his veterinarian before feeding him treats. Always check with the pet’s owner before feeding him anything. 
—Clean up when you are done, so your pet doesn’t accidentally eat any leftover materials. 
—If you decide to alter an activity or try a new version, make sure the new plan is safe for both your child and the pet.