Insects are small animals with six legs and a hard outer shell called an exoskeleton. Most have wings and antennae. Want to see other animals?
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Amazing Animals

Army Ant - Ep. 25

Army ants talk to each other by leaving chemical trails! Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Incredible Insects

Leafcutter Ants - Ep. 11

Leafcutter ants can slice and carry huge pieces of leaves! Watch ants at work in this video.


Incredible Insects

Fire Ants - Ep. 10

Fire ants can be very aggressive about building their colonies. They will even kidnap larvae from nearby fire ant nests!


Incredible Insects

Acacia Ants - Ep. 5

These ants have a symbiotic relationship with the acacia tree and offer the tree protection in return for food.


Which is your favorite insect?

Honey Ants

They have bloated bellies.


These insects know how to go big!

Bizarre Video!

Get an up-close look at this queen termite and her 150 million eggs. Watch now.

Monarch Butterfly


Amazing Animals

Monarch Butterfly - Ep. 18

Migrating monarch butterflies can travel thousands of miles! Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures with National Geographic Kids.


Incredible Insects

Monarch Butterflies - Ep. 7

Monarch butterflies fly from Canada to Mexico each year.


Incredible Insects

Butterflies - Ep. 12

There are thousands of brightly colored and beautiful butterfly species around the world. Watch these incredible insects transform from caterpillars to butterflies.


Animals & Pets

Bird and Butterfly Swarms - Ep. 72

Take a look at swarms of flying creatures in this video.



Watch its wild tentacles.

Luna Moth

See its cool wings!

Amazing Animals

Beetle - Ep. 8

Beetles are the largest group of animals on Earth! Learn more amazing facts about these amazing creatures with National Geographic Kids.


Head Louse

Get the Nitty Gritty


Get the buzz on these insects!

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Dung Beetle

They roll poop into balls.

Incredible Insects

Dung Beetles - Ep. 2

These beetles are good planetary citizens and clean up what animals leave behind.



Get the buzz on this cool insect!

Incredible Insects

Angel Bees vs. Robber Bees - Ep. 17

Watch angel bees fight off robber bees to protect their store of honey.


Hissing Cockroach

Sounds like a snake!

Weird But True!

Get Fun Facts about bugs.

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Watch out for the females!

Incredible Insects

Mosquitoes - Ep. 18

Mosquitoes don't drink blood for their entire lives, and only females drink blood at all. Watch a video about the mosquito lifecycle.


Stick Insect

This trickster looks like a twig!

Incredible Insects

The Invasive Stinkbug - Ep. 14

The brown marmorated stinkbug is an invasive species originally from Asia. A threat to agriculture and a nuisance to homeowners, this pest has devastated fruit and vegetable crops throughout the mid-Atlantic United States.


Praying Mantis



Their color helps them survive.

Orchid Mantis

That's Not Really a Flower!


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