Year of the Bird

2018 is the Year of the Bird at National Geographic! It's our year-long celebration of our feathered friends. We've got bird games, videos, photo galleries, and more.

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Animal LOL

Duck Bathroom Pass - Ep. 8

Watch what happens when a duck needs a bathroom break in this episode of "Animal LOL."


Animal LOL

Yawning Ostriches - Ep. 5

Watch a sleepy group of newly hatched ostriches wake up in this episode of "Animal LOL."


Animal LOL

Albatross Brother Battle - Ep. 7

In this episode of "Animal LOL," albatross brothers can’t keep their beaks to themselves!


Animal LOL

Macaw Celebrity Sighting - Ep. 12

OMG! Justin Beaker the macaw is coming! Watch these seemingly star-struck animals in this episode of Animal LOL.


seabird smackdown!

You decide who wins.

Freaky Creatures

Birds Shake Their Tail Feathers - Ep. 5

Watch sage grouse birds bust a move in this episode of Freaky Creatures. Find out why their special dance moves make them freaky!


Strange Birds

Take a gander at some weird winged creatures.