Sand tigers generally hunt at night; just above the ocean floor. Sand tiger sharks like the shallow water close to shore and so have "sand" in their name. The "tiger" was inspired by their big appetite. Sand tiger sharks look ferocious, with a row of jagged teeth that you can see even when their mouths are closed! However, these fish are not very aggressive toward people and bother people only when people bother them first. Many aquariums keep sand tiger sharks in their shark exhibits because they're so impressive looking and survive well in captivity.

On the top of its body, a sand tiger is brownish-gray and often sprinkled with darker spots. Its belly is whitish.

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Check out where sand tiger sharks live.

Some kinds of sharks lay eggs; others, like the sand tiger, give birth to live young called pups. A newborn can swim and eat right away. When young their main danger is bigger sharks, but once they grow to their full size, they no longer have major predators to worry about.

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