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Animal LOL

King Penguins - Ep. 10

Find out how a penguin might deal with its first day back to school (if penguins went to school, that is!) in this episode of Animal LOL.


Party Animals

Penguin Playtime - Ep. 2

These supercute penguins hop, surf, and have tons of fun in this must-see video, featuring music by Parry Gripp. 


Superb Birds

Penguins Do the Wave to Keep Warm - Ep. 11

Sped-up video of an emperor penguin huddle in Antarctica shows the group takes small steps to keep warm, creating a wave.


Freaky Creatures

Penguins Step on Sea Lions - Ep. 2

Humboldt penguins tumble down a cliff and hop over sea lions to get their lunch. Find out what else makes the Humboldt penguin so freaky in this episode of Freaky Creatures!


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Adélie Penguin

They're amazing swimmers.

Humboldt Penguin

They're great climbers.

Emperor Penguin

The largest of all penguins!

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