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Dino Road Trip

Tylosaurus - Ep. 3

Ali and Sean travel back 80 million years to check out Tylosaurus, a prehistoric reptile that lived in what is now Kansas. They find out about life underwater for this enormous creature and get an up-close look at the Tylosaurus’ extra set of teeth!


Freaky Creatures

Ninja Frog Kicks Bugs - Ep. 1

Reticulated glass frog fathers protect their babies with ninja moves. Find out what else makes the reticulated glass frog so freaky in this episode of "Freaky Creatures!"


Nature Boom Time

Tree Clones - Ep. 9

In this episode of "Nature Boom Time," Charlie and his team check out Pando, a large collection of quaking aspen trees that some scientists think is the world’s largest single organism. Watch the crew learn all about aspen trees and how they naturally clone themselves!


Amazing Animals

Crocodile - Ep. 39

Crocodiles are the largest and heaviest reptile! Learn more amazing facts about the crocodile in this video from National Geographic Kids.


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