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This week on WILD KiDS:

Dino Road Trip

Spinosaurus - Ep. 2

Spinosaurus may have been the biggest meat-eating dinosaur that ever lived—and Ali and Sean travel back 100 million years to North Africa to check it out. Tour guide Simon explains how Spiney lived in and out of the water and hunted for its favorite food: fish!


Nature Boom Time

Sequoia National Park - Ep. 3

In this episode of "Nature Boom Time", Kirby climbs to the top of a giant sequoia and spends the night! Follow her to find out how scientists use special equipment to climb trees, plus learn fun facts about giant sequoias.


Party Animals

Yawning Otter - Ep. 9

Watch a music video about a sleepy little otter featuring a song by Parry Gripp!


Amazing Animals

Cheetah - Ep. 37

A cheetah's spine allows them to stretch out and cover about 30 feet in one stride! Learn more amazing facts about the cheetah in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Iggy Arbuckle

Lights, Camera, Distraction! - Ep. 17

A film crew is in town to make a movie, and Iggy must stop them from endangering and/or destroying anything in the Kook.


Real or Fake?

Real or Fake? - Ep. 3

It’s a close race right down to the finish line as contestants test their trivia might.


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