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This week on Nat Geo Kids:

Nature Boom Time

Sequoia National Park - Ep. 3

In this episode of "Nature Boom Time", Kirby climbs to the top of a giant sequoia and spends the night! Follow her to find out how scientists use special equipment to climb trees, plus learn fun facts about giant sequoias.


50 Birds, 50 States

Kentucky - Ep. 13

Get this: The Bluegrass State's bird is actually red and bluegrass is actually green! But things aren't always this confusing in Kentucky. Barry the bald eagle and MC Card the cardinal fly around the state that was once explored by Daniel Boone.


Weird But True! Shorts

I Heart Animals - Ep. 7

Which creature has the most heart?


Party Animals

Wild Animal Selfies - Ep. 5

Check out these animals caught on camera in this video featuring music from Parry Gripp.


Weird But True! Shorts

Animal High Jump - Ep. 1

Do you think all animals can jump?


Wild Beats

Farm Animals feat. DJ Ecotone - Ep. 5

Farm animals sound supercute, but you won’t believe how they sound when DJ Ecotone spins his beats. Check out this video by DJ Ecotone that features cows, horses, cats, and goats!


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