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Dino Road Trip

Anchiornis - Ep. 1

Ali and Sean travel back 150 million years to the Jurassic period to get a look at a flying dinosaur called the Anchiornis. Tour guide Simon reveals that this dinosaur actually had feathers! 


50 Birds, 50 States

Georgia - Ep. 25

Barry the bald eagle thinks his friend Georgie the brown thrasher is a peach. Good thing he's visiting the Peach State—otherwise known as Georgia—to check out cool cities like Atlanta and awesome outdoor activities.


Amazing Animals

African Lion - Ep. 36

Lions are the only big cats that live in groups called prides, which consist of mostly related females, their cubs, plus one or two adult males. Learn more amazing facts about the African lion in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Moment Of

Oops! Rattled Snake - Ep. 6

It’s never fun to be stepped on, especially during a nap! Watch what happens in this episode of "Moment of…" when a tortoise stumbles upon a rattlesnake curled up in a cave.


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