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South Carolina - Ep. 5

Freaky Creatures

Binturong Smells Like Popcorn - Ep. 10

The binturong may look part cat and part bear, but it moves like a raccoon. Find out what else makes the binturong so freaky in this episode of “Freaky Creatures!”


Moment Of

Eww! Smackdown: Horned Lizard vs. Bobcat - Ep. 2

Some animals in the wild have superhero-like powers that help them avoid predators. In this episode of "Moment of…" a horned lizard shows a bobcat who’s boss with a gross secret weapon!


Nature Boom Time

Twisting Trees - Ep. 4

Learn how to train a tree to grow in a funny shape in this episode of "Nature Boom Time" as Charlie, Kirby, and Patrick check out incredible tree sculptures at the Gilroy Gardens Theme Park. 


Amazing Animals

Christmas Crabs - Ep. 40

Over 50 million Christmas crabs migrate across Christmas Island every year! Learn more amazing facts about the Christmas crab in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Iggy Arbuckle

Good Scavenger Hunting - Ep. 37

Iggy and Catfish Stu go fish-o a pig-o in a battle to see who will triumph in a scavenger hunt.


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