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You Wanna Be a What?!

Innerspace Invader - Ep. 6

Discover bones and stones buried underwater as environmental anthropologist Kenny Broad dives deep into mysterious blue time capsules.


50 Birds, 50 States

Alabama - Ep. 15

Barry the bald eagle flies to the heart of Dixie to meet Mellow Yellow the northern flicker. Alabama is home to part of the Appalachian Mountains as well as Space Camp! From Birmingham, a city that sits between two mountain ridges, to Mobile, which lives on the Gulf of Mexico, this state has a lot to offer.


You Wanna Be a What?!

Satellite Sleuth - Ep. 2

Searching for Genghis Khan's tomb means using drones and aerial surveys—not on-the-ground techniques—for research scientist Albert Lin.


Party Animals

Wild Animal Selfies - Ep. 5

Check out these animals caught on camera in this video featuring music from Parry Gripp.


Weird But True! Shorts

Animal High Jump - Ep. 1

Do you think all animals can jump?


You Wanna Be a What?!

Cosmic Costumer - Ep. 7

Check out the latest fashion on Mars! Planetary scientist Pascal Lee crafts new gear to wear on future Martian expeditions.


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