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Dino Road Trip

Spinosaurus - Ep. 2

Spinosaurus may have been the biggest meat-eating dinosaur that ever lived—and Ali and Sean travel back 100 million years to North Africa to check it out. Tour guide Simon explains how Spiney lived in and out of the water and hunted for its favorite food: fish!


50 Birds, 50 States

Wisconsin - Ep. 23

What's on the menu when Barry the bald eagle makes his way to Wisconsin? Cheese! His friend MC Madison the robin doesn't disappoint as she introduces him to America's Dairyland.


Amazing Animals

Eastern Gray Kangaroo - Ep. 33

Eastern gray kangaroos have giant tails that help them balance! Learn more amazing facts about the eastern gray kangaroo in this video from National Geographic Kids.


Freaky Creatures

Binturong Smells Like Popcorn - Ep. 10

The binturong may look part cat and part bear, but it moves like a raccoon. Find out what else makes the binturong so freaky in this episode of “Freaky Creatures!”


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