Weird But True! TV Series

Join siblings and science lovers Charlie and Kirby as they explore the fun, strange, and surprising ways our world works in the new TV series Weird But True!

Did you know that in ancient Greece, comets were called “hairy stars”? Or that tornadoes are so powerful they can dig a hole in the ground three feet deep? Each week, Charlie and Kirby dive into topics like these with fun crafts and in-the-field adventures to uncover weird (but true!) facts that may surprise you!

Weird But True! airs during Xploration Station on most FOX broadcast stations on Saturday mornings. Check local listings for times.

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Meet Charlie!

5 Weird But True! facts about Charlie:

1. Charlie can identify any tree from the state of Michigan!

2. When he was younger, Charlie ran a button-making business.

3. Charlie has a pet snake named Lumpy.

4. The second heaviest instrument in the world is the carillon, and Charlie knows how to play it!

5. Charlie loves collecting glass bottles.

Meet Kirby!

5 Weird But True! facts about Kirby:

1. Kirby is pretty good at the flying trapeze because she went to circus school.

2. An award-winning Irish dancer, Kirby is known for kicking up her heels!

3. Kirby can do a headstand on a surfboard.

4. Friends turn to Kirby when they can't find something - she can find anything that’s lost!

5. Kirby has six chickens!


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