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Monkey Festival - Ep. 7

Snail Zombies - Ep. 8

Cuba - Ep. 20

Animals & Pets

Monkeying Around - Ep. 7

Just like humans, young chimpanzees spend a lot of time playing and wrestling. See one playful chimp in action.


History and Culture

Ancient Autopsy - Ep. 16

Egyptologist Christopher Naunton and colleagues examine an x-ray of King Tut's body to reveal what may have caused the pharaoh's death.


Mireya Mayor Finds Lemur - Ep. 3

Volcanoes 101 - Ep. 12

Weird & Random

Glow in the Dark Millipedes - Ep. 11

The millipede Motyxia sequoiae, which lives in the upper elevations of the Sierra Nevada, glows bluish green as a warning to predators that the arthropod contains toxic cyanide. All 11 species and subspecies in the genus Motyxia glow, but those at lower elevations of the mountains glow less brightly. Scientists now think the bioluminescence first evolved as a way for millipedes at lower elevations to cope with the stress of living in a hot, dry environment and later evolved into a warning signal as the species moved up the mountains.