Photo: Jordin Sparks hands bed net to girl
Jordin Sparks, 2007

Photograph courtesy Malaria No More

National Geographic Kids teamed up with Jordin Sparks and Malaria No More to help save kids' lives in Africa. Last fall we asked readers to donate to the "Be a Star, Save a Life" campaign through the group Malaria No More, and thousands of you joined the effort. Kids all over the country donated funds to purchase bed nets to protect African children from mosquitoes which carry a deadly disease called malaria.

Through your generosity, we received $23,459, which Jordin and Malaria No More matched dollar for dollar for a total of $46,918! Now we can help protect 9,380 kids from malaria in Africa.

Along with donations, kids sent in letters about their fundraising efforts at school or in their neighborhoods. Here are excerpts from a few of the letters we received:

I am going to donate $2 to save lives. I read about it in National Geographic Kids. Enclosed please find $2 from me and $2 from my mother.

Julian, 7, Indiana

Here’s ten dollars to donate a net to Africa. I wanted to help the world and this is a great way. I hope this money will help save someone’s life so they can see the future. So please donate this money toward someone’s life in Africa. Please help save their life with the help of a net.

Thank you,
Gabby, 13, Missouri

My name is Spencer and I am a third grader. I am trying to raise money for Malaria No More, a nonprofit organization. I learned about malaria from my classroom magazine, National Geographic Explorer…All the money I raise will help MNM provide bed nets. To raise money for these bed nets, I will be selling homemade crayons shaped like pumpkins, hearts, and gingerbread men. …If you want to help out, but you don’t want the crayons you can write a check to Malaria No More…

Thank you for your support,
Spencer, Oregon

We are fourth graders at Addison Central Elementary School. In the fall we read your article in the October issue of National Geographic Explorer. We decided as a class we would sponsor one net. We talked about bringing in part of our allowance and doing extra chores to earn money. In November, we had a bake sale to earn more money and made about $80.00. We received money from friends and family who were proud of us for wanting to help others. Some Christmas and birthday gifts were made as donations in honor of some special people.

When we counted the money after Christmas, we had made over $413.00; and realized that instead of being able to purchase one net, our money could purchase 41! We were jubilant with this big news.

We hope your organization is doing well and saving a lot of lives.

Mrs. Berno’s Class, Addison Central Elementary School, Vermont