Follow some tips to make your Run for the Planet world record event go smoothly:


Now that you have your event planned, follow these tips to take great photos and videos during your Run for the Planet event. Your photo could be published in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS magazine, on this website, or Guinness World Records!

Get in close and keep it simple

Zoom in on the participants of the attempt, and try to avoid unnecessary clutter or background scenery. Make sure that photographs are in focus and well lit.

Capture the action

Find a place where you can capture the entire group running or walking, especially if you have a large number of people.

Show a variety of action

Definitely take photos and videos of the entire group, but it's also fun to get some close-ups of individuals and sections within the bigger group.

Give us weird shots

Think about interesting angles and positions, as well as photographs taken at different stages of the record attempt—at the start, during the attempt, at the end, and afterward.

Label the pictures

Tell us about what's going on in the photo or video. Include the location, the organization hosting the event, and a little bit about the participants. Include any funny stories or interesting anecdotes about organizing the event or the event itself.

Give us your info

Also include your name and phone number so we can contact you if we want to publish the photographs or videos.

Send them to us!

Send photos and videos, along with all your signed statements and media coverage, to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS postmarked by November 2, 2012. See official rules for details.

Upload your photos to NG KIDS My Shot!

Want to be a star?

Earn cool badges by uploading your running /walking photos and tagging them "Run for the Planet" in the NGK My Shot! photo sharing community.