—First, be prepared. Check out the Official Rules Page to understand exactly what your school will need to do to hold an event.

—Think about things your teacher or principal will want to know, and have suggestions ready.

  • Where would the event take place (the gym, cafeteria, track, playground, etc.)?
  • When would it occur (before or after school, during lunch, etc.)?
  • How many kids would participate (you could suggest having a signup sheet in classes)?
  • Who would you suggest to be invited to oversee the event? Download information on finding Independent Witnesses and Stewards for ideas.

—Bring your idea to your favorite teacher and ask for his or her help in getting the school's approval. Tell your teacher that this is a great way to show students that exercise can be fun.

—Once your school has approved the idea, show school administrators the Official Rules Page.

* This NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS Guinness World Record event is a Let's Move in School activity. Show this page to your teacher or principal and encourage them to register as a Let's Move in School. Your school will receive materials that help mobilize your community to bring positive recognition to your school and program.

What is your favorite team sport?