IMPORTANT: All 100-meter events must be done between noon ET October 26, 2012, and noon ET October 27, 2012.


Make sure you have:

• A pre-measured, level course with a clear start and finish line

—If the course is not on a running track, the course must be measured and marked out by a qualified person who is not associated with the organization holding the event. The independent witnesses can serve as that qualified person.

—If the course is not completely level, then the 100-meter event must be completed going uphill.

• Two Independent Witnesses* to observe the entire process, confirm the exact and final number of participants, and verify that all rules were followed (download the required fill-in-the-blank Witness Statement)

• Enough Stewards* along the course to observe participants, ensure full participation by all involved, and note any participants who need to be deducted from the final total (download the required fill-in-the-blank Steward Statement)

• An approved counting method in place that the Indepdendent Witnesses will observe. Approved counting methods include:

—Clickers: two people with clickers at the entrance

—Ticket stubs

—Logbook (not recommended for groups of 100 or more): Participants print and sign their names; Independent Witnesses must countersign the completed logbook.

• Invite the press! Click here for tips and a fill-in-the-blank press release to send to local media.


  • All 100-meter events must be done between noon ET October 26, 2012, and noon ET October 27, 2012.
  • A loud start signal recognized by all participants must be used.
  • Each person must complete the entire 100-meter course. Those who do not must be deducted from the final tally.
  • Participants may walk the 100 meters, or start out running and end the course walking.
  • If your group is holding multiple events during the 24 hours, each person may participate only once.
  • Take lots of videos and photos! They will help with the verification process. Plus your photo could be published in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS or Guinness World Records. Get photo and video tips.


Gather the following documentation:

—Mail your documentation, postmarked by November 2, 2012, to:

National Geographic KIDS / Run for the Planet (RB)

1145 17th Street NW

Washington, DC 20036

IMPORTANT: If you are also sending shoes, DO NOT send your 100-meter documentation in the same package as your shoes. See official rules for the Longest Chain of Shoes for that correct address.

For other questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

* Independent Witnesses and Stewards must be 18 years old or older and should not have any affiliation with the location, host organization, or participants.

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