Q: What are the records for the Most People Running 100 Meters in 24 Hours and the Longest Chain of Shoes?

A: Currently there is no record for the 100-meter record, but we have to have at least 5,000 participants to set it. The current record for the shoe chain is 24,962. So we need a bunch!

Q: Do I have to participate in both record attempts?

A: Nope! We understand that it might be difficult for some 100-meter events to collect and send us shoes, and for some shoe collectors to organize 100-meter events. So it's OK to participate in either the Most People Running 100 Meters in 24 Hours or the Longest Chain of Shoes. Just make sure you follow all the rules for either. See the rules for 100-meter record and shoe chain record details.

Q: I only want to participate in the Longest Chain of Shoes. Do I have to wait until after October 27 to send in my shoes?

A: You can actually send in your shoes anytime between now and November 26, 2012.

Q: I'm going to participate in both the 100-meter record and the shoe chain record. Can I send all my forms and shoes for both records to one place?

A: The records are going to be confirmed separately, so we need you to send the 100-meter forms to one address, and the shoes to another. Please see the official 100-meter and shoe chain rules for the correct addresses.

Q: I live in Tokyo, Japan. Can I participate in these records?

A: Absolutely! Anyone in the world can participate in either record attempt.

Q: I'm not a subscriber to NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS. In fact, I'm not even a kid. Can I still participate?

A: Of course! Anyone, anywhere, can participate in these record attempts. Just make sure to follow the rules.

Q: I'm ready to run today! What should I do?

A: You should wait! The 100-meter events can only be done between noon ET October 26, 2012, and noon ET October 27, 2012. In the meantime, start organizing your event for that week! Get your school, your athletic team, your Scout troop, or your place of worship excited about participating.

Q: How far is 100 meters?

A: It's not that far at all, just a little less than 328 feet. That's shorter than a football field or a home-run jog around a Major League baseball diamond.

Q: I still don't think I can run 100 meters.

A: That's OK—you can walk it and still count for the record. You can even starting out running and end walking.

Q: Do I have to run for 24 straight hours?

A: That'd be impossible! The record is for the most people running 100 meters 24 hours. Just run 100 meters within that 24-hour time period, and you're good to go!

Q: My school or store will be holding several 100-meter events throughout the day. Do I have to have different stewards and independent witnesses for each event?

A: No, the stewards and independent witnesses can be the same for all the events. But the stewards have to fill out separate forms for each 100-meter run. (The independent witnesses can simply sign one form with the total number of participants throughout the day.) You also need to make sure that the runners participate in only one event.

Q: How do I find independent witnesses and stewards?

A: It's really easy! Ask someone—a doctor, lawyer, firefighter, city employee, business executive, etc.—who has a high standing in the community. Local celebrities—TV journalists, newspaper columnists, bloggers, etc.—are great to ask, too. That way your event will be sure to get publicity! Find independent witnesses and stewards.

Q: I'm a teacher at a school. Can I be an independent witness or steward for my school's 100-meter event(s)?

A: Witnesses and stewards must be independent of the location, participants, or host organization. However, a teacher from a different school can serve as an independent witness or steward. A teacher from the same school may also be a steward (but not an independent witness) as long as none of his / her students are participating in what s(he) is observing.

Q: My child is participating in a 100-meter event. Can I be an independent witness or steward?

A: See above. A parent cannot be an independent witness or steward for the event your child is participating in. However, if your child is participating in an event that has multiple 100-meter events (for instance, at a school), you can be a steward in the events your child does not participate in.

Q: I own a store and would like to hold a 100-meter event in the parking lot. Can my employees be independent witnesses or stewards?

A: No—independent witnesses must be independent of the location, participants, or host organization. However, employees from a different store in the chain, or even a neighboring store, can be independent witnesses or stewards.

Q: Why don't I need independent witness or steward statements for the shoes?

A: Staff at National Geographic Kids will be officially counting the shoes and using their own independent witnesses to verify the count. All you have to do is send us your shoes! Read the complete rules.

Q: I am sending a large shipment of shoes for recycling. Will National Geographic help with the shipping costs?

A: Unfortunately, as a non-profit organization, National Geographic Kids doesn't have the funding to be able to pay for shipping for recyclable athletic shoes. If you are collecting shoes for a group, you might consider asking for financial donations from individual participants to help cover the cost of shipping, or try reaching out to a sponsor (such as the PTA if you are collecting with a school team). You can also ask for folks to individually send in their shoes to National Geographic headquarters instead of making one big shipment. Remember—you don't have to wait until after your 100-meter event to send us the shoes; we are accepting them anytime until November 26.

Q: OK, I'm done! How do I get my participation certificate?

A: Organizations that have 100 people or more who completed the 100-meter course are eligible for a participation certificate. Click here for the form to fill out and send in with your other documentation.

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