Picture of a girl in snow

My daughter Shelby couldn't wait to get outside and play in the first snow that fell this year. The first thing she did was to put her head up as high as she could to eat the fresh snow coming down.

Photograph by Erika Allen, My Shot

Catherine D. Hughes

Take a winter walk. If you live where winter is cold, look for icicles. Have your child describe how it feels—cold, smooth, wet... Challenge your child to find other frozen things. Is there ice on a pond or stream in your neighborhood or a nearby park? (This can be a teachable moment during which you can remind your child never to walk on a frozen pond or stream without permission.) Have a conversation about the seasons—whether you live where there are four seasons or two. Chat with your child about changes in weather and how the changes affect your neighborhood.

Here's a quiet game to play with your child when you're done playing in the snow or taking a winter walk. Snuggle up together and read Rhyme Time in National Geographic Little Kids magazine. Then add to the fun by making up funny or silly sentences using as many of the rhyming words as possible. For example, try...

"A bug in the rug took Daddy's mug after a hug."

"A bee paid money for more honey."

"A berry makes the holidays very merry!"

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