Spring is a great time to get outside and explore!

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Catherine D. Hughes

Spring is such an exciting season for all things new and fresh. Colorful flowers bloom, baby animals are born, and trees sprout green leaves. Take a spring walk with your child with a goal of spotting signs of spring. Talk about what those signs might be in your neighborhood.

Find a neighborhood garden where flower shoots are sprouting. Have your child take a photograph of them. Go back to the same spot every couple of days to watch and photograph the same plants as they develops. Once the flower blooms, print all the photographs from sprout to flower. Have your child place them in the correct sequence. Then suggest using the photos to make a "book," collage, or other art project about how a flower grows.

April showers bring May flowers... If you live where spring rains are common, so are puddles! When the sun comes back out, dress your child and yourself in old clothes and rubber boots—then head outside for a fun-filled session of puddle-jumping!

When it's time to come inside after a fun day enjoying puddles and sunshine, make the shamrock smoothie. Sipping your green drinks, challenge your child to remember all the green things you saw on your recent spring walk.

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