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We Set another Guinness World Records® Title!

We did it! Thanks to you, National Geographic Kids has set another Guinness World Records title; this time for the Largest Online Photo Album of Animals.

The 104,022 animal photos were uploaded as part of the Great Nature Project to photograph and document biodiversity. My Shot users tagged their photos #GreatNature to help set the record.

And the excitement doesn’t stop there; first lady Michelle Obama tweeted the news of the milestone, a record she contributed to directly with a photo of first dog Bo. Her involvement now spans two NG Kids Guinness World Records after the 2011 record-breaking feat for jumping jacks.

NG Kids has set several other Guinness World Records in the past including longest line of footprints, largest collection of plush toys, longest chain of shoes, most items of clothing collected for recycling, and most people doing jumping jacks in 24 hours.

What is your favorite thing to photograph?