Candy Hearts Bingo

Photograph: Bingo cards and candy hearts


  • Construction paper
  • Ruler
  • Magic markers
  • Two large bags of candy hearts
  • Small bag


Make the bingo cards. For each card, cut the paper into a five-inch (12.7-centimeter) square. Use a ruler to draw five equally spaced rows and columns with the marker, creating 25 squares (see above). Each player counts out 25 candy hearts and writes the saying from each candy in a square. (It's OK if the same saying appears on several of your candy hearts.)

Start playing. All players throw their 25 hearts into one bag. Pick one person to be the "caller." The caller shakes up the bag, then pulls one heart out of the bag at a time and reads the saying out loud. Using coins or extra candy hearts as markers, players mark the called sayings that appear on their cards. The first player to line up five hearts across, down, or diagonally yells "Bingo!"

Text by National Geographic Kids magazine staff
Photograph by Mark Thiessen/NGS staff